Wannon Park Bingo



Wannon Park Bingo has bingo twice per week, Wednesday evenings (7pm til 9:15ish) and Thursday afternoons (12:45pm-3pmish).

Tailored for the experienced and not so experienced players.  Everyone is welcome.

Books are $4 per Book or$8 per Set with 2 bonus game flyers with ‘Mr Jackpot’ and out customised in house jackpot flyer ‘Dash For Cash’.  Both Flyers are $2 per ticket.

That means to play each game (32 games in total) it will cost you $12.  You can play as many games as you like with many players playing 4 games ($48 total) or 6 games ($72).  Whatever suits your budget and skill is available.


We play Roulette Bingo for 29 games with a minimum $70 payout with Game 30 being a jackpot game with a minimum payout of $500 and a jackpot that starts at $1000 and goes up $100 each week until it goes off. The two jackpot flyer games depends on ticket sales but generally are $400 plus.


Bain Marie style food is avialalble on Thursday prior to bingo starting and both seesion have cold drinks and chips/chocolate bars available.   We also have a great range of markers and pull apart tickets available.


Note there is no EFTPOS or cash out available at Bingo cash register as it is against gambling regulations.


So why not try your luck and come on in and see if you can be our next Bingo Jackpot Winner!!!