Dirty Dicks Theatre Restaurant




Dirty Dicks


Dirty Dick’s Theatre Restaurant is a fantastic night of Old English Fun and Feasting with a Brilliant Comedy Stage Show, a magnificent hearty 3 course meal all presented in a fabulous Elizabethan style theme with costumed serving wenches and merry minstrels. Laugh-a-long, Sing-a-long and Clap-a-long with our brilliant Stage Show, full of witty songs, side-splitting comedy, madcap games and audience involvement. This year’s show, “Naughty (K)nights and Twisted Tales”, is an evening packed full of entertainment, set in the days of yore! Be entertained by our jovial nobleman, rascally troubadour and lusty wenches. A theatrical performance depicting the “not-so-horrible” histories of times gone by!

Ideal for Groups and Social Clubs so get a trestle table full and come along and enjoy this one of a kind event.  Any group size will be accommodated from large or small.  Just get your group together and book together.


Tickets are $65 per person.  Get your tickets here https://www.trybooking.com/BQAON


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