Annual General Meeting 2020



Warrnambool Greyhound Racing Club Inc, to be held at via ZOOM.

Wednesday 25th November – 7:00PM






  1. 1.    Declaration and Apologies


  1. 2.    Minutes of the Annual General Meeting dated 9th December 2019 to be received and        confirmed.


  1. 3.    Presidents Report to Members.


  1. 4.    General Managers Report to Members.


  1. 5.    Treasurers Report to Members.


  1. 6.    To receive and adopt the Financial Statements of the Warrnambool Greyhound Racing Club Inc. for the year ending 30th June, 2020.


  1. 7.    Election of Office Bearers
    1. a.  Michael White and Robert Gore are both up for Re-election. Please see Craig if you wish to get more information on nominating for a committee position


  1. 8.    Appointment of Auditors for the 2020/21 Financial Year.


  1. 9.    Life Membership


If you wish to nominate someone for life membership please see Craig for a nomination form. As per the below extract from the Clubs Constitution the following is required to be able to considered for life membership.


17.1 Life Members

a) Life Members will have the same rights, privileges and obligations as ordinary Senior Members but will not be required to pay an annual subscription fee.

b) To be eligible to become a Life Member, an applicant must:

 i. be a Senior Member of not less than 10 consecutive years’ standing; and

ii. be proposed by one Senior Member and seconded by another Senior Member.

c) The application must be in writing, signed and seconded by a senior member and proposed, and lodged with the Secretary.

d) If, in the opinion of the Committee a Senior Member proposed for Life Membership has rendered valuable service to the Club, the Committee may recommend that Senior Member for Life membership. A Senior Member recommended for Life Membership may be elected as a Life Member at the annual general meeting. Such election must be made by a two-thirds majority of Senior Members voting at the annual general meeting in favour of the acceptance of the applicant to Life Membership.

No Member may be elected or appointed as a Life Member other than in accordance with this rule


10. To set membership fees for 2021


11. General business


President: Mick White


If you are concerned about being able to access the meeting via ZOOM please see Craig to arrange an alternative.




Agenda 2019_2020 and written noticeAGM  Graphic for Notice to members